Looking for your next addiction? Search no further! Angry Cube Run is the latest mobile game developed by EvelBunny Studios. Soar through the air, collect balls, and dodge obstacles in this instantly-craveworthy game. Warning: Once you pick it up, it’ll take all your strength to put it down again.

Download our FREE mobile game and start your quest through a maze of objects. Blast your way to a high score (if you can survive), and show off your skills to all your friends. Angry Cube Run will keep your fingers tapping for hours.

Game Highlights:
  • Endless game-play! (If you can survive long enough)
  • Fire Rockets to clear obstacles!
  • Collect spheres to gain Higher Scores!
  • Collect spheres to gain Power-Ups!

Winners don’t need luck, but you’ll need practice if you want to reach that high score in this game. Good luck!

Download now for free and put your skills to the test!

Great Game

The game is fun and kind of addictive!

Tyler Thornberry Addicted Player

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